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The Brain Injury Hope Foundation Helps MTBI Survivors Become Thrivers

In 1999, Kay Jones, MS, LCSW, and Mary Ann Keatley, Ph.D, CCC, Speech-Language Pathologist and Neurotherapist, noticed that many of their patients were unable to obtain funding for basic living expenses, such as food, rent and utilities. Dr. Keatley and Kay Jones cofounded The Brain Trust DBA the Brain Injury Hope Foundation (BIHF) with an all Volunteer Staff and Board which has continued to give emergency funding to hundreds of MTBI survivors in Colorado. The mission of the BIHF also continues to educate MTBI survivors, family members and medical and other professionals about the symptoms and treatment options of this “invisible injury.” The Brain Injury Hope Foundation is expanding its Board and educational services. The Survivor’s Series Program has been added to broaden its reach in education and training in the brain injury community.

For more information, watch Denver’s Consumer News TV interview with two members of our board: 18 minute version and 8 minute version.

Our Mission

The mission of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation (BIHF) is to provide financial assistance to individuals who have a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). We also provide educational awareness, and inspiration to those who have experience a TBI and other neurological conditions, family members/friends, and medical and other professionals who serve them.

The Brain Injury Hope Foundation has three major goals:

1) Provide emergency assistance to BI Survivors in Colorado,

2) Provide education to BI survivors and others with similar neurological issues, and

3) Provide technical assistance/resources to BI survivors and their families.

Meet Our Team

Mary Ann Keatley | Brain Injury Hope Foundation

Mary Ann Keatley, Ph.D.,CCC

Cofounder and Board Member
Brain Injury Hope Foundation
Speech-Language Pathologist

Dr. Mary Ann Keatley is a Speech-Language Pathologist and is Board Certified in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. She has specialized in treating cognitive injuries associated with traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions for over 40 years. Dr. Keatley’s broad experience includes neurorehabilitation, research, publications in the fields of speech-language pathology, rehabilitation and outcomes. She is a professional speaker and has a private practice in the Denver metropolitan area.  In 1999, Dr. Keatley cofounded The Brain Trust, DBA The Brain Injury Hope Foundation.

Gayann Brandenburg | Brain Injury Hope Foundation

Gayann Brandenburg, M.S.

President and Executive Director
Brain Injury Hope Foundation
Managing Partner of CTAT, LLC

Gayann Brandenburg, President and Executive Director of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation, is also the Managing Partner for CTAT, LLC (Coaching, Training and Transformation), specializing in employment for people with disabilities and training and management experience for over 35 years. She served as the Director of CTAT at Rocky Mountain Human Services for over 19 years, supporting the development and success of the National Brain Injury Employment Conference. Gayann brings an eclectic background that will enhance the educational mission of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation in offering webinars, online training and most importantly, grant writing.

Joanne E Cohen, M.A., CBIS

Vice President
Brain Injury Hope Foundation
Managing Partner of CTAT, LLC

Joanne E. Cohen is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) and the Vice President of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation. She has over 35 years combined experience in coaching, consulting, organizational development, facilitation and training. Joanne joined CTAT at Rocky Mountain Human Services in May, 2010, and is currently a Managing Partner for CTAT, LLC (Coaching, Training and Transformation). She designs and facilitates the Survivor Series Training Sessions for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors, family members, and medical professionals and practitioners who serve the Brain Injury (BI) community. Joanne was the liaison for the National Project for Engaging Veterans with Disabilities in National and Community Service Projects. She speaks at conferences as a Keynote Speaker, as well as for breakout sessions. She also consults with organizations to support critical business issues and participates in various other grants/initiatives. As a brain injury survivor herself, Joanne has a passion for working with the BI community.

Rebecca Albano

Rebecca Albano, Esq.

Board Member
Brain Injury Hope Foundation
Owner of Law Office of Rebecca Albano, LLC

Rebecca Albano has been specializing in brain injury litigation for over ten years. She prides herself for representing victims of brain injury with respect, empathy and zeal because she has seen firsthand the devastation that such injuries can cause individuals and families. Rebecca has gained recognition in the community and at conferences for her passion for assisting folks struggling with this injury in every capacity. She is the managing attorney and owner at the Law Office of Rebecca Albano, LLC in the heart of Denver, Colorado. Rebecca hopes that her experience in assisting the community with these types of injuries from a legal standpoint will enhance the goals of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation.

Honorary Board Member

Laura Whittemore | Brian Injury Hope Foundation

Laura L. Whittemore

Outgoing Volunteer Executive Director
Brain Injury Hope Foundation
Coauthor with Mary Ann Keatley, Ph.D of
Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

Laura volunteered her administrative and promotional skills as Executive Director for the BIHF for nine years. She coauthored two books with Dr. Keatley on understanding and treatment options for MTBI. She is so grateful to Joanne Cohen and Gayann Brandenburg for taking over the leadership and continuing the educational and Emergency Financial Assistance programs. Laura is retiring from BIHF and hopes to put her creative energies into writing projects.