Survivor Series

The Survivor Series is a monthly lunch and learn that teaches life-skills building (including emotional, social and rehabilitation skills) in an interactive program for people with brain injury or trauma and their families. This innovative education program has been designed and developed for the Brain Injury Hope Foundation (BIHF) and its constituencies. This downloadable PDF lists many of the trainings we offer as a result of funding we receive from grants and donations.

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Thank you and all your dedicated team and panel members for such a wonderful Survivor Series. My daughter and I thoroughly appreciated the Successful Survivor Panel: Living with a TBI. All the information, sharing, honesty, openness and humor was so refreshing to hear and be a part of with people who understand. It really reaffirmed feelings and also gave us hope that we too are survivors who are thriving. My daughter and I had never attended a support group after our injuries and she talks about how she had felt so alone (as if in the dark underworld) after her concussion in high school. This program today really had a remarkable impact on both of us. Thanks to panelists Barb, Bill, Karen and Kevin for sharing their stories and words of wisdom too.

We also want to thank you for the lunch and Gluten Free pizza.

Thanks again for such an awesome, reaffirming, inspiring Survivor Series you created to help so many.


A January 12, 2018 Survivor Series Participant

Thank you so much for putting on a wonderful first session of panelists’ for the BI survivor series. The panelists’ were very inspirational and I felt happy knowing that I was among a group of brain injury survivors, caretakers, and professionals who work with people with brain injuries. My mom and I enjoyed hearing about topics that we have both struggled with before, as it was reassuring to know that we are not alone. The session gave me further confidence in accepting who I am as a brain injury survivor and helped me realize even more that my passion is to help others with brain injuries.

It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to attending another session, hopefully sometime in March when I have a semester break from school or in May when the semester is over.

Take care and best regards,

Ashley Hackett , A January 12, 2018 Survivor Series Participant