Survivor Series

The 2020 Brain Injury (BI) Survivor Series

Please join the Brain Injury Hope Foundation (BIHF) for another year of exciting, interactive, SURVIVOR SERIES designed just for YOU!

We explore ways to achieve a better life for people with BI and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). These sessions will help you accomplish your definition of success. Spouses, family, friends, and professionals who serve the BI community are welcome AND other communities (ABI, Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, etc.) are welcome too.

Registration information and forms are below. Register now and please save the dates on your calendar, your smart phone, post on your fridge or bulletin board – whatever works so you don’t miss out on attending the 2020 Survivor Series!!


ZOOM Webinar:

August 14,2020 (1-2:30 Mountain Time) Brain Foods & Nutrition Tips for TBI and ABI Survivors:  Eat to Thrive!

Facilitated by: Joanne E. Cohen, M.A., CBIS; Vice-President, Brain Injury Hope Foundation (BIHF) and Managing Partner, CTAT, LLC

Panelists include Jess Sorci, Vital Source Nutrition; Richard Garde, D.C. (Retired) and Brain Injury Warrior (BIW); and Jessica Bauer, MS., CNS, Good Farma, LLC

A healthy diet during the recovery (and beyond) from a brain injury is most important and beneficial.  Learn how to help yourself wisely fuel your body, and make healthy choices to improve memory, recall, and energy. 

Registration is at no cost to participants and funded by MINDSOURCE.

Please register separately for each event: online preferred; or fax to (303)904-1725; scan or photo and email to; or mail to BIHF, 6732 West Coal Mine Ave, Suite 227, Littleton, CO 80123

Future ZOOM Webinar Survivor Series Events:

August 14, 2020 (1-2:30 Mountain Time): Panel–Brain Foods & Nutrition Tips for TBI Survivors: Eat to Thrive!

September 11, 2020 (1-2:30 Mountain Time): Caregiver Panel: Strategies to Support BI Survivors and Yourself!

November 13, 2020 (1-2:30 Mountain Time):  TBD

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