Spirituality and Creativity: Pathways Following Brain Injury

October 8th, 2021|Blog|

BIHF co-founder Dr. Mary Ann Keatley notes that Our brain is like a radio dial, and after a TBI, many survivors say they feel like they are in a fog because of being in this state called theta. 

Brain Injury Survivors Experience “Greater Calling”

By Eliza […]

Brain Injury Treatment Panel: Therapies to Assist the BI Community

September 10th, 2021|Blog|

Survivor Series panelists and facilitators, top left to right: Facilitator Gayann Brandenburg, Equine Therapist Terri Mongait, Facilitator Joanne Cohen; bottom left to right: Spiritual Mentor Kevin Skillen, Grief Counselor Rita Coalson, Pediatric TBI Specialist David Dunlap.

Taking the Road Less Traveled

By Eliza Marie Somers

Businesses are […]

Technology Tools for Cognitive Performance

August 13th, 2021|Blog|

Co-founder of BEST Michelle Ranae Wild and her team developed a suite of five applications for the brain injury community.

Technology Tools for Cognitive Performance

By Eliza Marie Somers

Technology can be daunting for many brain injury survivors, but it also can be a supportive tool that […]

Navigating the Legal System for BI Survivors

July 9th, 2021|Blog|

Attorney Rebecca Albano reveals tips on how to pick a lawyer during the Brain Injury Hope Foundation’s July 9, 2021, Survivor Series.


The Mindset of Resilience for the Brain Injury Community

June 11th, 2021|Blog|

A Positive Attitude Can Carry You Through Tough Times

By Eliza Marie Somers

We humans love routine, but after a brain injury, nothing seems routine. The simple act of brushing your teeth or making breakfast is anything but routine. How many times have you picked up something other than the toothpaste and started to put it on […]

Brain Injury Treatment Panel: Concussive Events and Their Impact On Vision

May 12th, 2021|Blog|

Photo by Matt Noble via Unsplash

Brain Injury Treatment Panel: Concussive Events and Their Impact On Vision

By Eliza Marie Somers

You may have heard the phrase: “The ayes have it,” however, for the brain injury community it’s the EYES that have it.

Dr. Amy Elsila, OD said she was […]